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7 steps to establish an efficient Employee Compensation program

The opinions expressed by the employees of Entrepreneur are personal. The term executive compensation programs private companies are used to designate everything that people receive in exchange for their work as employees of a company. From this that people receive for their work, a very important part is the salary, incentives, when there are, and benefits, both in cash and in kind. The other important part of the compensation analysis in Bay Area corresponds to the satisfaction that the staff obtains, directly, with the execution of their work and the conditions under which it is carried out.

If you are thinking about renewing, updating and even implementing an attractive benefits package for your collaborators and intellectual capital appropriate to your company, we recommend you follow the following steps:

1. Classify the different positions of the company and group them into levels, for example, Executives, Supervisors, and Operatives.

2. Obtain or record the objectives of each position. Make sure you define: what was it created for? What is its purpose? What activities do you do?

3. Define the current benefits of each block of posts and unify them in case they have differences. For example, a secretary and a sales agent could be in the operational block of the organization. However, have different purposes in the business.

4. Determine what additional benefits to the current ones, can be granted by the company, taking into account that they must reinforce the fulfillment of the objective established for each position. They must also be real, attainable and allowable since benefits, in theory, may end up reversing one or several of the purposes of the compensation package, that is, motivating and reinforcing the scope of objectives, among others.

5. Determine the limits of additional benefits to the legal ones, between the different blocks of posts, in this way, the degrees of responsibility of each one will be respected.

6. Establishes regulations, procedures, terms and general conditions for the use and enjoyment of perceptions, in a clear and understandable manner according to the academic level and/or average professional experience of the occupants.

7. Communicates the package of benefits, regulations, and procedures thereof to the occupants of each position. It is not necessary to communicate to the occupants of one position the benefits of another, so I suggest you make staff meetings of the same position to perform this activity.

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    7 steps to establish an efficient Employee Compensation program